Rum Raiders

Booty and the Bilge


Take the helm as a Pirate Captain on the lawless Caribbean waters!

Raid colonial ports while battling for control of the seas and a big pile of booty. Last pirate left afloat, or the first with 10 Booty in their Treasure Chest is crowned Pirate King and wins!

All players start the game in the pirate port of Tortuga with a Ship and an empty cargo hold. From these humble beginnings, players will plunder ports, upgrade their ships, fight other pirates, and get absolutely smashed doing it!

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Rum Raiders is a drinking party game set in the Caribbean.

Number of players: 4-8
Time required to play: 30-60 minutes
Age requirements: 18+
Set-up time: 2-5 minutes

Rum Raiders - Booty and the Bilge

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