Rum Raiders - Booty and the Bilge

History of the Project

Rum Runners
Version 1.0

Rum Runners started out as a multiplayer battleship-style game with each player having a hidden location map and they’d pick places on the large map to bomb. Players would have # of shots based on ship size, and have to take that shot if their tile got hit.

Very effective at getting people drunk; pretty bad as a party game.


Rum Runners 2
Version 1.0

First debut was during Lara’s pirate party. This version saw the game reborn as a trading/upgrading pirate game. You’d make money by running rum, and upgrade your ship to do battle and sink the opposing player’s ship.

Did OK but wasn’t too good. Too complicated, bad pacing, unbalanced cards.


Rum Runners 2
Version 2.0

Revised version made it’s debut during a Hammered Knights session. Improved version of the trading/upgrading drinking game but with significant revisions.

Moderate success, and seen as fun but still too complicated. The decision to drop the economic portion and add some randomness was made.


Raid Raiders
Version 1.0

The game has been reborn into a pirate raiding game. Players sail around to ports, plunder them, and return home with their booty. First pirate to 10 booty wins.

Players will also constantly had adventure cards, and the rules have been streamlined.


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