The Cards

The Cards

Two decks are included with Rum Raiders: The Adventure deck, and the Plunder deck.

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Adventure Cards

Adventure Cards cost Drinks to play, and add an element of chance to the game.


- Players start with 3 cards in their hand.
- Players may draw 1 card on their turn to a maximum of 3.
- Players may play 1 card per turn, on anyone’s turn.

60 Total Adventure Cards
5x Black – 3 different cards
10x Gold – 5 different cards
20x Silver – 9 different cards
25x Bronze – 9 different cards

Click here for the full card list: Full Adventure Card List

Plunder Cards

Plunder cards are gained by raiding Colonial Ports and attacking other pirates.


- There are three types of cards: Booty, Bonus, and Bad.
- Players with +10 Booty safely in their Treasure Chest win the game.

- Players may raid a Colonial Port, once per turn, to draw a Plunder Card.
- Players may battle other pirates, max 3 per turn, to steal Plunder Cards.

- Plunder Cards take up 1 Ship’s Hold space (max 3).
- If there’s no available space, Players may discard Plunder cards.

- Booty must be in your Treasure Chest to count towards victory.
- Bonuses must stay on the ship to give their bonus.

38 Total Plunder Cards
22x Booty – 9 different cards
9x Bonus – 6 different cards
7x Bad – 4 different cards

Click here for the full card list: Full Plunder Card List

The Cards

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