The Map

The Map

Two game map includes hex spaces for player movement, card piles, and a rules reference space.

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The Game Map



There are two types of ports in the Caribbean: Pirate and Colonial.

Pirate: Tortuga

When in Tortuga, pirates can remove Damage Tokens from their ship and transfer Booty from their ship’s Holds to their Treasure Chest. Pirates cannot attack one another in Tortuga.

Colonial: St. Kitts, Curacao, Cartagena, Santa Catalina

When in a Colonial Port, pirates can raid once per turn (draw a Plunder card), and attack other pirates.

High Seas: All other water spaces are fair game for movement and battling other pirates.

Optimal Distances

Tortuga to Santa Catalina, Curacao, and St. Kitts = 5
Tortuga to Cartagena = 4
Colonial to Colonial = 3

Cartagena’s shorter distance creates a natural high traffic area for players. Distances encourage players to raid more than once before returning to Tortuga.

The Map

Rum Raiders - Booty and the Bilge nowa nowa