The Rules

The Rules

Raid until you have 10 Booty in your Treasure Chest, and make sure others don’t get 10 Booty in theirs.

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On your turn, in any order, you may…


Draw an Adventure Card

These cards cost Drinks to play. You start with 3 and always draw back up to 3 at the start of your turn. You may use 1 per turn, on anyone’s turn.

Roll Movement

Roll a 6 sided die (1d6) and add your bonuses. This is your available movement for the turn. It may be split up between raids and battles.

Rest & Repair in Tortuga

When in Tortuga, you may repair (remove all damage tokens), and transfer Booty from your Holds to your Treasure Chest. It’s also the only tile in the game where you can’t be attacked by other players.

Raid Colonial Ports (1 per turn)

When on a Colonial Port tile, you may raid it to draw a Plunder card. There are three types of Plunder: Booty, Bonus, and Bad. A full card list can be found here: Plunder Cards.

Plunder cards takes up 1 Ship’s Hold space (max 3). If you have no available space, you may choose and discard unwanted Plunder cards.

Booty needs to be in your Treasure Chest to count. Collect 10 Booty and win the game. Upgrades need to stay on your ship to give bonuses.

Battle other Pirates (3 per turn)

If you’re on the same tile as another player, you may attack them. You may only battle other pirates up to 3 times per turn.

After declaring attacker and defender, both players roll a 6 sided die, and add attack or defense bonuses. Ties go to the attacker.

The Winner of each battle gets to:
1. Steal a Plunder card from the other ship’s Hold, OR
2. Place a Damage Token on other ship’s Hold.

The Winner chooses where a Damage Token will be placed. Plunder cards on the chosen Hold tile are destroyed.

If you have 3 Damage, your ship is sunk!

The Loser of each battle gets to:
1. Have one of their Holds pillaged, OR
2. Have a Damage Token placed on one of their Holds.
3. Drink! The Loser’s roll (1-6) indicates how many drinks they must take.

The Bilge

Each time a player rolls a 1, they must pour a drink into this central glass. Players that have the “Down the Hatch!” or the “Bilge Water” cards played on them, must drink all of the contents of the glass.

One Last Shot…

Sunken players may choose to start their next turn in Tortuga in a brand new ship. To do this you must:

1. Reduce your Lifeboat total by 1.
2. Remove all tokens and cards from your Ship’s Holds.
3. Keep all cards that are in your Treasure Chest.
4. Take a shot!

If you’re out of Lifeboats, you’re out of the game. For shorter games, you can play with less or no lifeboats.

The Rules

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