Ships and Tokens

Ships and Tokens

The Shipboard and other remaining markers/cards used in Rum Raiders.

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Includes the Ship with 3 Hold spaces, a lifeboat track and a Treasure Chest space.


The Bilge

A large central coaster marker for a central glass.

- Each time a player rolls a 1, they must pour a drink into a central glass (The Bilge).
- Players that have the “Down the Hatch!” or the “Bilge Water” card played on them, must drink all of the contents in the glass.


Damage Tokens

Damage Tokens are placed on top of Hold spaces.

- If a Damage Token is added to a Hold space containing Plunder, that Plunder card is discarded.
- If a player has 3 Damage Tokens (all Hold spaces), they sink.


Ship Markers

Game board pieces representing the different ships. Comes in eight colours (Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple).


Lifeboat Markers

Placed on the Shipboard over the number of lifeboats (“lives”) a player has remaining.


Ships and Tokens

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